Actually, Robert, Google is a variation on ‘noodle,’ which is a component of pasta.


The difference is due to evolution – home players have a higher level of testosterone. This has been measured in soccer matches in England. Players spit into cups just before the match.

From an evolutionary game theory perspective, this is a stable strategy of being a hawk at home and a dove away – leads to fewer confrontations and genetic collusion to progress the species… (or something like that if I remember right)

life is about trade-offs. i think many here would trade vitality near the right end of the lifetime cognitive distribution for an extra around its median.

The magic in kissing is that someone is actually kissing you back.

I think that Google has the right to collect information about us. Just as we have to right to not choose to use Google.

It has been ingrained in people that Google posses superior search technology. In reality most major search engines will return roughly the same results.

In the end if you don’t want to be tracked you can use many methods to obscure who you are. One that I use is Scroogle Scraper (

I’m sitting in an absolutely packed school auditorium in West Des Moines. in a room that could comfortably hold 150, we have at least 300 people. Gotta be every Democrat in the district or close to it. We’re splitting into viability groups right now. it’s a messy process but a necessary one.

According to Robert Sapolsky of Stanford, the frontal cortex is not fully mature until sometime in one’s 20s. He ventures that this fact alone explains a lot of frat/sorority house behavior. So, assuming he is correct, and without getting into the semantic argument of what it means to “mature,” how can use of an undeveloped frontal cortex, that seat of reason (smiling), give rise to more rational decisions? How old was the researcher doing the study?

…economically, I think you need to set the bar higher for solar, simply because of the capacity factor.  A coal plant, like it or not, can run 8000 hours a year.  A solar array is limited to when the sun is shining, and in terms of rated power lower still (since you can’t generate full power in the non-noon hours).  Ignoring all the environmental issues, this means that you probably need to get solar down to ~1/4 the capital cost of competing baseload technologies to get a comparable return on invested capital.
I don’t mean to in any way diminish the need for PV, or the fact that costs are declining – only to point out that the capacity factor is limiting on solar, and has to be factored into any discussion of comparative economics.

My father has the unusual habit of stumbling on lost and hidden spaces during his structural engineering. He’s found wine cellars and kitchens under London, and recently tunnelled through his own floor to open up a large underground cylinder on which his and other nearby houses had been built.

No! no! no!

Grieve and grieve and grieve again. So much has been lost and so many people will die because of this,

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